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There’s no doubt that we are living in crazy times. Besides the obvious triggers that are the topic of every conversation, it seems that each of us bears a personal challenge. Surprisingly enough, we’ve reached the holiday season. The question is, how will we make the best of a seemingly gloomy situation? Continue reading to find out 5 Ways to Survive this Unhappy Holiday.

The Mission: To List 5 Ways to Survive this Unhappy Holiday.

  1. Do What Makes You Happy. Whether you are forced to spend the holidays alone or with the smallest amount of people, do what makes you happy. Make the best of inevitably broken traditions and partake in a new, temporary activity. Be grateful for what you do have and where you are.
  2. Take Control of Your Emotions. Emotions are high. People are scared, angry, and lost. Don’t allow the negative emotions to control your mind, heart, or spirit. Remember that you have full control over how you perceive any situation. 

3. Love.

Show Love to yourself, your family, your friends, your pets, your home… to everything.  Expressing your fondness for the people and things in your life will bring you back to your heart center.  Doing so will bring you in a higher vibration to reduce all of the other icky feelings this season may bring.

5 Ways to Survive this Unhappy Holiday
  1. Treat Yourself. Be extra nice to yourself. Whether you buy yourself a special present or you give yourself a spa day, do something just for you that puts a smile on your face. You deserve it.
  2. Stay Calm. We are currently in a maze of darkness. Be the light and stay calm. Ground yourself by reminding yourself to take one step at a time. Do right by you and don’t fall down the rabbit hole of negative thinking. Don’t stress yourself out by participating in social media debates or thinking about the “what ifs”. Center yourself by going within and focusing on your gratitude.


One thing to remember is that we are all in this together.  Despite our differences of opinions and beliefs, believe it or not, we are experiencing the same external circumstances.  However, how you handle these outside influences directly correlates to your inner peace, so choose wisely.


The Moral: Follow these 5 Ways to Survive this Unhappy Holiday in order to make it a Happy one… in fact, I dare you to make it a Jolly one too!

Enlighten, Encourage & Embrace your Journey Called Life.

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