Welcome, Journey Embracers, to this Journey Called Life!

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Now that we got that out of the way, my name is Amanda Sue, Author, and Certified Life Coach.  I write and coach on Personal Development topics that will inspire you to be a better YOU on your Journey Called Life.


Having a wholesome insight on Life, I provide guidance that will make you Enlighten your Spirituality, Encourage your Well-Being, and Embrace your Relationships.


On the surface, I pride myself on having an intricate personality while remaining empathetic, open-minded, and light-hearted.

Looking for a Life Coach?

Journey Embracers are people living life to their fullest.  Unfortunately, on occasion, Life trips you up.  As your Certified Life Coach, I will offer guidance and direction toward your Life’s aspirations.  I will be the one by your side, coaching you along!

If you struggle with your well-being, goals, relationship, and self-confidence, or need an unbiased confidante, then your Life Coach awaits you.


My Mission is simple: To Help Enlighten, Encourage, & Embrace your Life Journey.


Life Coaching & Counseling‘s benefit for you is having genuine guidance and support.  It’s extremely valuable to have a Life Coach in your corner when Life gets tough.  Life is too short to suffer – Become a Journey Embracer today!  Don’t walk alone… Allow me to walk with you.


For more information on becoming a Journey Embracer, head over to Life Coach & Counseling.

Enlighten, Encourage & Embrace your Journey Called Life.

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