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In my last post, I gave you solid advice as to Where To Find Love.  It was pretty cut and dry… at least I thought so.  Now I’m going to jump ahead and skip all the in-between details of a relationship and get right to the end.  Generally, it’s hard coming to the realizations that a relationship may need to end.  The red flags are bigger, the once cute annoyances are just plain maddening and you just aren’t sure if you’re in love anymore.  With the endless questions of should you break up and am I in love, it gets rather confusing trying to calm the fight between your head and heart.  Hopefully this Should We Break Up in 5 Questions Quiz will prove helpful.

The Mission: To analyze your needs and desires in a relationship and investigate your status through this Should We Break Up in 5 Questions Quiz.

It starts.  That pesky voice deep inside that just gnaws at your every thought of your significant other and the relationship.  You aren’t completely happy, but you aren’t completely unhappy either.  The questions become unbearable.  Is it them or is it you?  Are you both just going through a funk that you’ll be able to climb out of?  Will a date night rekindle the fire?  If we are soul-mates, why can’t we work through this?  Why is there so much fighting?  And the questions just continue to consume your mind. 

Believe me, I’ve been there.  I’ve read countless relationship articles.  Making pro and con lists, I’ve mastered it.  I created personal relationship assessments.  Online relationship and couple quizzes were a common Google search for me.  When things got really confusing, I might have even written to a relationship expert once.  Sure, relationships go through their roller coaster of emotions, joys and hardships, but when things are stable, that’s when you should take a step back and analyze.  Consequently, happiness should take up the majority of the relationship with your partner.  It shouldn’t be hard nor should one person feel like they are taking on all the weight. 

There may come a time when you start to question whether or not the relationship is worth having.  Because I feel like I’m a relationship quiz expert, these questions are what helped me rationalize my feelings the most. 

Should We Break Up in 5 Questions Quiz

Take the quiz honestly.  Don’t just breeze through with yes or no answers.  Be honest with yourself and how you feel and what your gut instincts are telling you.  Each question has sub-questions to help you dig a little deeper.

Here we go…

  • What can they offer you that no one else can?  Do they offer emotional support?  Are you laughing together?  How do they make you FEEL while being with them?  Are you a more positive person in general?  Are you more stressed and drained?  Take a step back and assess the relationship, is it sunshine and flowers or darkness and fog?


  • When you think about them, do you miss them and get excited?  When they text or call you, what is your FIRST reaction?  How do you feel when they start to tell you about their day?  Are you ready to hear about their ups and downs?  Will you be eager ease their pain?  Are you excited to tell them about your day?


  • How do you want to live YOUR life?  You have a lot of life to live – do you see them in it?  Do you even want them in it?  Are you living life to your potential, imagination and standards?


  • Why are you questioning this relationship?  Why are there doubts floating around in your foggy brain?  What doesn’t feel right?  What does feel right?  If you are truly happy, why even question it?


  • Them or Me?  Choose one.  Do you choose to be with them unconditionally or do you choose to take the solo road?  Where does your happiness lie?


Bonus – when a song comes on, where and how does your mind wander? 

Total disclaimer – despite all of my research and quizzes, I always went with my gut instincts.  I followed my own path, my Journey Called Life, to be happy.  The researching and stress were just ways for me to prepare myself for the inevitable ending.  In conclusion, if you find yourself here, a big part of you already knows the answer.  If you need an unbiased friend, I’ll be here

The Moral: A relationship worth having is worth fighting for.  However, if something doesn’t feel right then it isn’t.  Don’t be afraid to break free if that’s what your heart genuinely desires.


Enlighten, Encourage & Embrace your Journey Called Life.

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