Use Whatever Shampoo You Want 1

Many years ago, I sat down in a salon chair and anticipated feeling like a brand-new person after my usual trim and shape-up.  The hairdresser threw on the paper-thin cape and raked her fingers through my hair, asking me the inevitable, “What are you looking for?”  I told her what […]

Should We Break Up in 5 Questions Quiz

Should We Break Up in 5 Questions Quiz 2

In my last post, I gave you solid advice as to Where To Find Love.  It was pretty cut and dry… at least I thought so.  Now I’m going to jump ahead and skip all the in-between details of a relationship and get right to the end.  Generally, it’s hard […]

Where Do I Find Love? 2

Your life is fill with many facets.  You’ve got your family, career, friendships, health and beliefs.  Sure, everyone talks about achieving success in all of these areas.  But it seems that people are most concerned with one major topic: Love.  Consequently, I’m not talking about Self-Love or the Love for […]

Where Do I Find Love