Chase It and Watch It Disappear

You’ve all heard that corny quote about if you love something let it go and if it comes back it’s yours.  Believe me when I tell you, that I’ve rolled my eyes a few times at that quote.  Life is stressful enough without knowing how the future will unfold.  The need to grasp at unattainable things is not coincidental.  Therefore, as the Universe works: Chase It and Watch It Disappear.

The Mission: To examine how the Law of Attraction works and if you Chase It, Watch It Disappear.

The concept is simple: what happens when you chase something?  It runs from you.  OK, post over. 

Just Kidding.

I know it’s hard to want something so badly that you will do anything to obtain it.  However, you are being counterintuitive with your methods.  The Universe wants to work with you and give you everything you desire.  The Universe is always telling you “yes”.  Yes, here’s more of that.  If you are in constant want, you’ll always be in that state. 

Looking for love?

You’ll always be looking for love if you feel like you don’t have it.  The Universe is responding to your lacking state of mind by giving you more of that state of mind.  If you keep chasing the love you desire, it will always run from you.  Hence, if you Chase It, Watch It Disappear.

Chase It and It Will Disappear

In order to turn that around, the feeling of abundance must always start with you!  Love yourself and focus on the appreciation of all the things you have.  Once you switch your focus on the things you love, you already feel love and you already have love.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly an external love will find you.

Is it a dream career that you lack?  Then focus on appreciating the job you currently have.  When you throw thoughts out into the Universe that you hate your job, then that’s all you’re going to get.  You’re going to feel stuck in a job with no way out because that is the current state you are in.  Try to find the positives in your situation and good things will return back to you.  As a result, your dream career is just around the corner. 

The important thing here is to never give up on yourself and to let go.  Remain positive and redirect your focus to light and love.  Embrace the fact that you are where you are because of the state your frequency is in. 

The Moral: If you Chase It, Watch It Disappear.  The Universe wants what you want and what you throw out into it.  If you are miserable, miserable things will happen to you.  However, if you remain positive and love yourself, positivity and love will materialize.

Enlighten, Encourage & Embrace your Journey Called Life.

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