Ode To Fall

Ode To Fall

Orange, yellow, red and brown,
Leaves are changing and falling down.


School’s back in session; curfews are set,
Gone is the summer; it’s time to fret.


The crisp air crept in during the night,
Shocking us all with no alert in sight.


Pumpkins were growing without a warning,
And appeared overnight into the morning.


Labor Day, our last hurrah, was here and now dead,
It left us with sneezes, coughs and stuffiness in our head.

Ode to Fall

Gone are the succulent peaches and watermelon,
Because it’s the apples that the markets are selling.


The transition from Summer right into Fall,
Happens with a blink of an eye for us all.


We know it’s coming; it comes every year,
Yet it still surprises us when it is here.


Love it or hate it; it’s nothing that can be replaced,
Change in Life is inevitable; it’s all how it’s embraced.


Enlighten, Encourage & Embrace your Journey Called Life.

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I’m on a Journey. A Journey Called Life. Destination? Unknown. Happiness? Generally. Frustrations? Definitely. Embracing it? You bet your ass I am! [Enlighten, Encourage & Embrace]

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