Understanding Others Will Lead to a Happier Life

We are living in a crazy world.  It seems that no one can have their own opinion without someone jumping down their throat with pure righteousness.  However, what people fail to acknowledge is that it’s OK to have differing opinions, beliefs, and personal priorities.  Instead of focusing on someone else, […]

5 Ways to Be Humane in a Diverse World

The world we are experiencing now is no different than what it was 100 years ago.  People have differing opinions, varying agendas, and personal moral codes.  What most haven’t grasped and what is needed now more than ever are 5 Ways to Be Humane in a Diverse World. The Mission: […]

10 Ways to Remain Calm During Chaos 1

In desperate times, the world can look like a scary place. However, it is possible to overcome even the most difficult challenges in a dignified way.  Here are 10 Ways to Remain Calm During Chaos. The Mission: To understand and conduct 10 Ways to Remain Calm During Chaos. Take a […]

It’s Human Nature to be Judgmental 2

So a friend and I bravely ventured out to our local mall; it isn’t all about the shopping, though.  One of the best things about going out in public is the people watching.  We came across a unique game store, so we proceeded in.  We were surrounded by comic books, […]