New Year’s Resolutions are Lies and Broken Self Promises

Well, Journey Embracers, we’re a month in the new year.  Happy 2020 to all of you!  I’m going to jump right into it, however.  Answer honestly, how well are you really doing with your New Year Resolutions?  I’m going to guess that most of you are shying away from answering my question.  Sure, you started off strong, but it’s slowly fizzling out.  You’ve reverted back to your late-night snacking, you pass the gym instead of going inside and you’ve lit up a couple more cigarettes than you care to admit.  Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s all OK.  I’m also here to remind you that New Year’s Resolutions are Lies and Broken Self Promises.

The Mission: To express why New Year’s Resolutions are Lies and Broken Self Promises and how to really have a resolution.

We’ve all done it.  We get on the bandwagon of hope and delusion that we are going to be a better person in the new year.  We pump ourselves up, we make a plan and we promise ourselves that this time we are going to stick to it.  New year, new me as they say.  This isn’t a whim decision, though.  You may have started planning your resolution in October.  Then January 1st comes along and you start your glorious regimen of self-discipline and dedication.

Yet, like all the previous years, your well-laid out plan begins to falter and you are left going back to your old life styles.  Some of you may ponder what went wrong or not even care to look back on the false promise you made to yourself.  The truth is, Journey Embracers, that New Year’s Resolutions are Lies and Broke Self Promises.

I know what you’re saying, life happens or it just wasn’t the right time or it simply wasn’t important enough to see through anymore.  Lucky for you, I’m here to tell you that those excuses are not wrong, but just misguided.

New Year’s Resolutions are Lies and Broken Self Promises

It’s never a bad thing to better ourselves.  In fact, that’s why we are put here on earth: to learn and to better ourselves.  However, why wait until the New Year?  If you plan on changing a bad habit within yourself, why wait?  Why not just start now?  If you want to start exercising more, then just start tomorrow.  When people make a New Year’s resolution, they are stalling the inevitable beginning.  During that “waiting period”, all you are doing is stressing over starting your new routine.  Then a mindset of force and control take over your brain.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be forced into doing anything.  And once I feel forced into something, then I begin to dread the tasks at hand.

The resolution generates into a chore.  A chore that will soon lose its luster of why it was started in the first place.   There’s a simple secret to not only achieve your goal, but keep you in control and not let the resolution have control over you.  Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution.  If you want to start eating healthier, then start.  You want to lose weight, then make a goal and start tomorrow.  Not spending enough time with family?  Then make a plan to do something this weekend.  Was learning a new hobby on your top priority list?  Then start your google search after you’ve subscribed to my email list ?.   Want to start living a more simplistic life? Start now by clicking here! 

The Moral: My point is, don’t wait.  If you are serious about making changes in your life, the best time to start is now.  When a waiting period is placed between your initial goal and when you start, the new task seems stagnant and forced.  Because of that forceful feeling, it feels more like a burden than a blessing.  Therefore, New Year’s Resolutions are Lies and Broken Self Promises.


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