10 Ways to Working with Difficult People

We’ve all been there.  Your dreams are suddenly interrupted by your annoying alarm.  You sleepily get dressed and head off to work.  On your way, you think about your upcoming day and that co-worker that drives you nuts.  That particular co-worker can make your day feel longer and more challenging.  If you can relate, then keep reading for 10 Ways to Working with Difficult People.

Disclaimer – some of these suggestions are in jest and things you may WANT to do, but it would be in your best interest to avoid doing so!

The Mission: To provide 10 Ways to Working with Difficult People

1 – Try to understand where your difficult co-worker is coming from. Everyone has their own personalities and problems.  Maybe they are a jerk because that’s who they are.  When you understand that they can’t help being a pain in the butt, then you will be able to work better with them.  If you can stand it, get in their shoes and mind.  It’ll make you a better, more compassionate person in the long run.

2 – Ignore them and only talk to them on a professional level. Don’t talk about the weather.  Who cares about their weekend?  Business Only.

3 –  Give them a taste of their own medicine. Do they give shoot you with sarcastic comments?  Give sarcasm right back and see how they like it.  Most of the time people can dish it out, but they can’t take it.  But be ready for a more difficult working relationship as this may only heighten the tension.  Or on the flip side, you may develop a bond over similar personalities.

4 – Try to be patient around them and be the bigger person. It’s All in Your Approach  with how you deal with others.

5 – Vent about them to your trusted friends (who dislike that person too). You need to let it out.  Keeping in your frustrations will only drive you crazy.

6 – After you’ve finished conversing with them, tune into your inner-teenager and roll your eyes as you walk away. For some reason this is a sure-fire way to make you feel better.

7 – When speaking with them, give them a blank, non-caring stare. Look at them like you’re looking through their soul.

8 – Isolate them from the rest of the work group. Don’t invite them for after-work drinks.  Keep them outside of the inside jokes.  Let them do their own thing.  Their negativity brings the rest of you down and they probably don’t want to be included anyway.

9 – Above all, keep it professional. Business is business.  Don’t let personal differences hinder the working atmosphere.  This will take a lot of self-control, but it’s not worth getting fired over.

10 No matter what – BE YOURSELF. Don’t change your personality or demeanor around them.  Remember, they won’t change to make your life easier.

The Moral: On a final, serious note – remember that there are many personalities in a workplace.  Not only is everyone is going through personal lives, but when you mix in personalities, work ethics and Life philosophies in the working atmosphere, there are bound to be struggles.  In conclusion, everyone should keep in mind that everyone is different, but there is ONE common, professional goal.


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