I Enjoyed 2017 Like I Enjoy Getting Punched in the Face

Two days have passed into the New Year and you’ve had time to recover from your hangover.  I’m sure you’ve done some soul-searching in the past year.  And I think we can conclude that 2017 can suck a d*ck.  I Enjoyed 2017 Like I Enjoy Getting Punched in the Face.

The Mission: To reflect, learn, and let go of the past and hope for better times ahead.

I’ll be the first one to admit that 2017 was not my year.  In the end, 2017 brought me painful heartaches, loss of many friends, multiple deaths, and I left a job that felt more like home.  It was one negative thing after the other.  Happiness was sprinkled in throughout the year, but the bad outweighed the good.

I Enjoyed 2017 Like I Enjoy Getting Punched in the Face

I was never one for New Year’s Eve celebrations.  Nothing changes except for a couple of numbers and I always felt that everyone was celebrating a good-bye and saying hello to the unknown.  To me, not knowing is scary as hell.  However, I found myself, especially toward the last few months of the year, actually getting excited to say good-bye to 2017 and then flip it the bird!

Bird Flip

However, that didn’t stop me from reflecting on the year.  Therefore, through my reflection, I came up with a personal End of the Year Reflection sheet.  Being an avid, journaling fool why I started a reflection sheet for this particular year, is beyond me.  However, I’m glad I did it.  Therefore, the plan is: 2018 is going to knock my socks off and I can look back on my 2017 Reflection and see how far I’ve come in a year… here’s to hoping, anyway.

Fingers Crossed

The Moral:  The purpose of our lives is to learn.  2017 was a growing process.  We go through hard times to overcome them, no matter how much we feel like giving up.

Download your copy of the 2017 End of Year Reflection sheet for yourself and leave a comment below on what you hope 2018 will bring to you.

Happy New Year, Embracers… we’ll get through this.  I Enjoyed 2017 Like I Enjoy Getting Punched in the Face… here’s to hoping the bruises heal quickly.  And just remember, Life is supposed to suck sometimes so you can appreciate the good stuff!


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