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Human relationships are an interesting thing.  There are so many factors that impact the type of relationship you have with another person.  I’m not talking strictly about romantic relationships.  I’m talking about all kinds – friends, acquaintances, enemies… and even frenemies.  Everyone you meet, in some way, influences your life and touches your heart… or breaks it.

The Mission:  To give clarity to The (Un)Breakable Bonds We Share With Others.

Take a minute and think about your friends, romantic relationships, family, and those whom you can’t stand.  There’s no denying it: those that stuck out in your mind have influenced your life – whether it’s positive or negative.

There are 3 (Un)Breakable Bonds We Share With Others

1. The Time Limit Bond – these bonds serve a purpose. Whether you are there to help the friend or they are in your life to help you.  Regardless of the relationship, this bond is to serve a particular purpose.  You may remain distant acquaintances or the relationship may end badly.  Nevertheless – they have impacted your life and you have impacted theirs for a limited time.

2. The Lesson Bond – this bond, like the Time Limit Bond, has its own time limit, but this one teaches you an important Life Journey lesson. It could be a bad relationship, a toxic friendship, or a horrendous boss.  These bonds could start great but end poorly.  Or the entire relationship was bad.  It all comes down to you learning something about yourself and growing into your more authentic self.

3. The Unbreakable Bond – these are the rare connections you have with people that never end. No matter how far away you are or what you go through – that bond you share can never be broken.  You always pick up right where you left off.

The (Un)Breakable Bonds We Share With Others

These bonds relate to what I said at the beginning of this post: there are many factors that play into any kind of human relationship.  It all depends on each individual’s personality.  Once you throw two personalities into a mixing pot, you create ONE relationship – you never know what you’ll get or how long it will last.  As time goes by struggles appear, life happens, and people change thus the relationship will inevitably change as a result.

Focusing on that bond you have with another person – it then comes down to effort and work.  Is the bond worth saving and growing?  If your bond is an unbreakable one, then keep moving forward and work with it.  Or is it a limited one where a lesson will be learned.  I guess you’ll ultimately know those answers at the end of the relationship… ahh, Life… why are you so confusing?!

And sometimes – you actually meet an Angel.

The Moral: Mind you, it’s no fault of either party as to why relationships succeed or fail.  There are many components that affect The (Un)Breakable Bonds We Share With Others.  That’s Life, Folks – our Journey Called Life.

Enlighten, Encourage & Embrace your Journey Called Life.

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