Nice Guys DO Finish Last and What to Do About It

We’ve all heard the uplifting cliché of Nice Guys finishing last.  It helps ease the minds of those guys who are waiting patiently to end up with his version of the perfect girl. It’s an excuse as to why they are still single. Some may blow this well-known cliché off and throw it right out the window. Well, I hate to break it to you fellas, Nice Guys DO Finish Last.

The Mission: To explain that Nice Guys DO Finish Last and What to Do About It.

The explanation here is an easy one. You just have to look at the scenario from different perspectives. Let’s take the Guy’s perspective first.

Guy 1 we’ll call Nick. Nick is a successful, NICE, charming guy at 40 years old. He’s had girlfriends, but they always seem to break his heart. He relies on the Nice Guy theory most of his life slowly losing hope.

Then you have Luke, another NICE, ambitious guy who’s about 25 years old. He has a wonderful, long-term girlfriend.

How is this fair? Luke is a nice guy, but surely he’s not more “last” than Nick!  “Screw that stupid cliché – woe is me, life sucks and so does Luke.”

But wait! A relationship takes two to tango – yup I threw in another cliché! Don’t forget, my NICE guys out there, your women have a say in all of this too! Cue the woman’s perspective.

Women are on their own journey to find love themselves. And they may rely on the Nice Guy cliché to ease her mind as to where her Nice Guy is. But what you may not realize is, for the Nice Guy cliché to hold true, it’s all in the hands of the woman. Ladies, we hold the power (is this a surprise?).

Nice Guys DO Finish Last

Nice Guys finish last, yes, but when is last? How long do you have to wait until you reach the eternal bliss “finish line” of happily ever after (3 clichés! My editing tool will have a field day).  Here’s the secret: the finish line, fellas, is the last guy the WOMAN dates. The “Nice Guys DO Finish Last” cliché is hoped by guys but RULED by women. It’s in the woman’s heart and mind with whom she ends up.

It’s her NICE guy after all HER dopes.  In the example above, Nick’s “finish line” is still racing with the dopes while Luke’s girl finally found HER nice guy.

The Moral: Yes, Nice Guys DO Finish Last, but from a woman’s perspective/dating history. What to do about it? Be True to Yourself (I give 10 ways!) and enjoy life while you wait for your NICE gal.

See ya later, alligator (does that count as 4?)

Enlighten, Encourage & Embrace your Journey Called Life.

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